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How to Spice Up Your Content Marketing

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Today, consumers are flooded with advertising and marketing tactics at every turn. From audience targeted Facebook ads to deals and specials being sent to their email every morning, it’s tough for smaller businesses to compete. Oftentimes, small business owners feel like that their budget simply can’t match up to large corporations.

But one simple idea can turn that thought around: truly interesting content. If you can stand out from your competitors, no matter how large they may be, at the end of the day, you’ll be the one winning over customers. Below are a few tips to keep your content fresh and exciting:

Keep It Simple

Avoid overloading your audience with too much technical jargon if your average consumer won’t be extremely knowledgeable about your industry. Make it relatable and if in doubt, ask someone outside of your industry to proofread it for you.

Show Personality

It’s okay to include light humor. It’s even okay to be a bit sassy as long as it’s appropriate and done in a manner where you don’t offend your customers. Most people will take reading a funny and informative article over a dry and overly technical article any day.

Use Analogies

Especially if you’re explaining complex processes or services, it’s much easier for a reader to grasp if you use analogies. For instance, we could say that SEO (search engine optimization) is like building a rocking chair from scratch. It takes a long time, a lot of learning and practice to perfect, but at the end, you have a sturdy product. In order to make the chair last a long time, you want to continually do maintenance, make improvements and fix any problems – just like SEO.

Use Images

It’s easier for people to look at an image rather than giant blocks of text. If you’re trying to grab their attention, especially on social media, combine your catchy content with an eye-grabbing photo! From photos you’ve taken to creating your own memes, the possibilities are endless.

Multiple Headings

Readers need breaks or they’ll tune out your content. Use headings and format it properly so it’s easy for people to digest your content. Headings are also useful for people who generally skim articles.

Interesting Data

Usually, people tend to think of data as rather dry. But used in the right way, you can actually make your content more engaging and insightful. The more unbelievable (but true) the statistic is, the more interesting it is! For instance, did you know Oxford University is older than the Aztec Empire?

Strong Headlines
One of the first things readers are going to see is your title. That’s one your one chance to make it as catchy as possible. Use powerful adjectives, creating titles like: “The Shocking Truth About _____”, “5 Mind Blowing Facts About _____”, or “10 Secrets About _____”.

Audience Participation

Encourage your readers to chime in about their experience. This is particularly useful on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Craft a fun sentence or two, ask a question, and post a matching image. Make sure to reply to customers who do participate!

Don’t Over Promote

Most consumers don’t want to know that they’re being sold to (unless they’ve actively seeked out the service themselves). You don’t want to be coming at them with “Buy My Product Today Or Else!” or “My Competitor Stinks. Buy Our Stuff – It’s Better Priced!”

In the end, have fun with your content. If you have fun, most chances are, your customers will also have fun reading it. Provide useful information and don’t be afraid to spice it up!

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