5 Social Media Marketing Tricks & Tips

In Social Media by weareterra

1. Post Regularly & Follow Frequently
In order to increase your reach, we suggest creating a social media calendar. You can plan out the types of posts and what exactly you’ll be posting every day. Some platforms such as Facebook will even allow you to schedule these posts ahead of time. Posting regularly shows you are an active business, and it opens up an avenue through which your customers can contact you through. After that, start following people and/or other businesses. Sometimes even simply engaging with them will do! This is also a great way to potentially partner up with another local business nearby.

2. Start a Contest
Are you a restaurant? Offer a free meal for two. Or a beauty spa? Offer a free gift certificate. How about a local boutique? Offer a free piece of clothing or jewelry. Then create a unique hashtag for the contest that people are required to use to enter. You can ask people to enter by posting a certain kind of photo or simply by sharing with their friends using the hashtag. No matter what, people love free. And this is an easy way to increase brand awareness!

3. Target Trending Hashtags
From holiday-specific hash tags to day-of-the-week specific hash tags, there’s plenty to go around. People tend to click on popular / trending hash tags so it’s a great way to be seen. #ThrowbackThursday (#TBT) or #FlashbackFriday is perfect for posting photos of flashbacks to what your office looked like when you first started the business. There’s also hash tags that are trending no matter the season. From #food to #love, find creative ways to use what’s appropriate for your brand.

4. Employee of the Month Spotlight
This is a wonderful way to feature hardworking employees. Great employees make a business great, and people love posts that they can relate to. Humanizing your brand by featuring real people and real stories brings depth to who you are and your values. It’s something people would easily want to share, and it’s a genuine way to boost team morale.

5. Create Short DIY / Tutorial Videos
These videos have become increasingly popular. One example is the Tasty brand videos where they feature 1 recipe per video and someone making that particular recipe. Since the video is chopped into smaller clips and then put back together, these videos typically only last a minute — making cooking look easy and simple! Try something similar with your business. If you sell clothing, film creative ways to repurpose a t-shirt or ways to wear a scarf. If you do landscaping, film easy DIY home projects like stacked potted plants. Keep them short, simple, and to-the-point so your customers keep coming back for more.