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5 Easy Ways to Grow Your Business Online

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Almost everyone browses the Internet or social media at least once a day. Marketing yourself online is a relatively quick and easy way to grow your business. Compared to other forms of marketing (magazines, billboards, radio ads, etc.), online marketing gives better ROI and in some cases can cost you nothing to do! Here are 5 techniques you can start using today:

1. Give out information for free.

If you or someone in your business can put together a free, downloadable e-book, it’s a great way to introduce new customers to your brand. Advertise your book on social media and feature it on your website. Then, before customers can download the book online, all they need to do is enter in their e-mail address. This is an easy way to obtain new emails for email marketing campaigns. Now, these customers not only get an e-book, but they’ll be informed about any upcoming deals or news for your business via e-mail.

Blogging is another form of giving out free and useful information. You’re already an expert in your field so share what you already know. Your customers are sure to come back again for more.

2. Hold a workshop.

With platforms like Periscope and YouTube, sharing livestreams and videos takes only the click of a button. Use these to your advantage by holding a workshop, seminar, or even free business consultation.

If you use an app like Periscope, live viewers can even interact with you and ask questions. Another option is to hold your seminar at a physical location and video record it for people to view on YouTube. Remember to optimize your YouTube video with SEO keywords and categories so even more people can find your content.

3. Hold a contest.

People love online giveaways. Find something your business can offer for free and advertise your contest on social media and on your website. You can even use a points system where every person who enters can increase their entries by doing things such as (1) following your Twitter page (2) liking your Facebook page (3) subscribing to your newsletter via email and (4) subscribing to your YouTube channel. This gets your audience involved while also growing your following as a business.

4. Have excellent customer service.

Now more than ever, people can contact businesses online. Whether it’s through a contact form, an e-mail, or a chat feature on your website, customer service is no longer limited to just in-person or over the phone.

It’s important to make sure the customer service your business provides online is top notch. It’s also common today to see people reaching out on social media. Someone can mention your business through a tweet. Or they can post a complaint directly on your Facebook wall where everyone can see. So response time, how you respond, and how you follow up online makes all the difference.

5. Keep your site updated.

Last but not least, make sure to update your website. It benefits both search engines and your users. Google, Bing, and Yahoo reward websites that have more recent and relevant content. You can see this through your organic results. As for your users, everyone researches online before purchasing. By having a website, people know exactly where to go to learn more about your business. If you have all the information they are looking for, you are more likely to gain them as a customer (and potential returning customer).

Have you tried any of these techniques? Perhaps you have some of your own. Share your experiences with us below!

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